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            How do I renew my domain name?

            In order to renew your domains, please log in to

            Then, click the button RENEW at the top of the page.

            Then, click the link 'Renew your domains in real-time and pay by credit card'.

            You should be able to see your domains and the terms in the drop down menu. Click continue and proceed to checkout.

            You can also renew by sending a check or via bank wire.

            To renew by check. Please mail payment to:

            EnCirca, Inc.
            400 West Cummings Park
            Suite 1725-307
            Woburn, MA 01801 USA

            To renew by bank wire, please contact  We only accept wire transfer amounting to at least $1000. If you accept to pay the wire transfer fee of $30, then you can send wire payment below $1000.

            If you do not wish to renew, simply ignore your renewal notice and allow your domain name to expire.
            Updated: 22 Dec 2017 08:21 AM
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