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            How to turn on Whois privacy

            You can use the Encirca details on your own contact details.

            Here's how to modify your own contact handle (please note that you shouldn't do this to your customer record):

            1) Log in to your account here:
            3) Enter the contact handle name (example: ENCIRCA-XXXX)
            4) Select query
            5) Select modify
            6) Make appropriate updates and changes
            7) Enter your password in the “Secret Key Word” field
            8) Select continue
            9) Select confirm


            You can simply use ENCIRCA as the contact handles:

            1) Log in to your account here:
            2) From the list of your domains, click on the domain name you want to modify to enter the domain control panel
            3) Enter the contact handle name in the field that you want to change (i.e. ENCIRCA in either the registrant, admin, tech or billing field)
            4) Select continue
            5) Select commit

            For further info, please visit:
            Updated: 19 Sep 2018 12:27 AM
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