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            How to update contact records

            Here are the three sets of procedures to update your customer records.

            Updating Whois contact handle:
            1) Login to your account here:
            2) Your list of domains should appear.
            3) Click the contact handle you need to modify (e.g., ENCIRCA-xxxxx).
            4) Click Modify.
            5) If you are changing the address and phone number, type the info and hit continue and submit.
            6) If you are changing the registrant name, organization and email address, click CHANGE REGISTRANT.
            7) Type the new information.
            8) Remove the check from the checkbox to opt out of the 60-day lock.
            9) Check 'Send Email to Losing Contact' and then commit.
            NOTE:  If the losing contact (losing email address) is not working, change email preference to "Request override due to unreachable Losing Contact"
            then "Continue".
            10) The losing contact will receive an email with a link to enter the PIN provided in the email.
            NOTE:  If override is selected in step 9, contact Support to confirm.
            11) The new registrant email contact will receive an email with a link and PIN to finalize the update.

            Updating the customer records:

            2) Under ‘Customer Record’, click ‘Modify Customer’, then enter your customer handle (CUST-xxxx). 

            3) Enter the new email address, password, and put “Y” in the Registration Agreement field, then  submit and commit.

            Updated: 19 Sep 2018 07:06 AM
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