Transfer a domain name from EnCirca

            Before initiating a transfer, you must do the following:

            1. Unlock the domain

            a. Go to:
            b. Log in using customer’s EnCirca username and password
            c. Click “Domains” then “List Domains” (left side of page)
            d. Enter domain name in question, hit “Continue”
            e. This will bring up a summary of the domain record
            f.  Click on the Y or N link under “Unlocked?” ; this will open an editable version of record
            g. Next to the word “Unlocked?” there is a drop down box; choose Yes to unlock the domain or choose No to lock it
            h. Click “Continue”
            i.  Review changes, click “Confirm”

            2. Create your own authorization code

            a. To set the auth code, go to: https://www.encirca. com/manage/
            b. Log in using customer’s EnCirca username and password
            c. Select the ‘modify domain’ screen after logging in.
            d. After entering desired auth code in the box called “Authorization Info,” select ‘continue’ and then ‘commit’ to save your changes.

            EnCirca does not approve nor deny outgoing transfers. They should be processed within 5 days once the two steps above are completed and the transfer is initiated.

            Once you have successfully initiated a transfer request, expect a confirmation request from your new registrar. EnCirca will not send you a confirmation request. Allow five days for the transfer to process after you confirm the request with your new registrar.

            Note: Many web hosting providers will recommend you transfer your domain to them and may even include this in the monthly fee. We recommend you do not do this. It will limit your flexibility and result in downtime if you choose to switch webhost providers later. Instead, you should switch your nameservers to point to your website provider's nameservers. This can be done for free via your EnCirca account.

            Additional Notes:

            * To prevent fraudulent transfers, all domains are locked by default. You must login to your account to unlock your domain before you initiate a transfer or else the transfer will be rejected. For security reasons, EnCirca will not do this for you.

            Domains can not be unlocked if a transfer request is pending. If you have initiated a transfer request on a locked domain, you must wait until the transfer request fails before you can unlock your domain.

            * Outgoing Transfers are not allowed within 60 days of initial registration, incoming transfer or owner transfer.

            * All outgoing transfers are initiated via the "gaining" Registrar. Make sure that your domain is unlocked first.

            * If the domain is for any extension other than .com or .net, you will need to provide the gaining registrar with an "auth info" code.
            You must login to your account to set your authorization code first. For security reasons, EnCirca will not do this for you.

            * Transfers are allowed to auto-complete within the five day window managed by the Registry. We do not "ack" any transfer requests.
            Updated: 19 Oct 2018 03:17 AM
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